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What is Team PosaCash?

1-introWe are a group of business owners with decades of experience in start-up opportunities. As our team grows, so does our experience, with new members bringing something new to the table.

Will you be an asset to our team? Are you willing to learn how to make money from direct sales and affiliate programs? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, then all you need to do is join us on one of our weekly conference calls and learn about our latest and most incredible opportunities.

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  • Immediate answers to questions
  • Live webinar presentations
  • Multiple landing pages
  • PowerPoint presentations


  • 4 live conference calls per week
  • Socialize with other members
  • Fundraising programs
  • Scripts and sales material


  • Recorded calls
  • Celebrity and athlete support
  • Commission spreadsheets
  • Latest program updates


  • Sales educational programs
  • Lead generation support
  • Support videos
  • Much, much more!

Why become part of Team PosaCash? The answer is simple: Team building support in many different areas, all for FREE!

We Hold Weekly Conference Calls For Training and Informational Purposes.

Our Weekly Conference Calls

Monday, 7PM East Coast

Start your week off right.

Our Weekly Training Call

Monday, 7 PM East Coast


Call (712) 432-3100
Pin # 719170

Visit: join.me/teamposacash or
Listen: 646-307-1990
Access 125-028-797

Please attend the conference calls 5 to 10 minutes early and announce your name and where you are from on entry to the call. Then please self mute yourself by hitting 4 * (four star) on your phone.

Missed a Call? No problem! Team PosaCash Members Can Listen to Our Archived Calls By Logging Into the Team PosaCash Website.

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